Breaking news: The triviality tankard changes hands !

27th June 20-19 – It was a hot summers evening
and the temperature of this year’s contestants was rising rapidly inside the
air-conditioned glass tower that Guild sponsor, and host of this year’s quiz, Trowers
& Hamlins, calls home.  

As the team members squeezed into their lycra and limbered
up in readiness for the annual battle for the Triviality Tankard, it became
clear early on, based on the barrack room jibes and playful banter (lubricated
by a plentiful supply of wine and beer) that this was to be an unprecedented
show-down. The focus was on prising the engraved silver cup from the hands of
event organiser and Court Assistant, Pippa Watmough and her team of lawyers –
proud winners of last year’s quiz. 

Nestled opposite the College of Law in Bunhill Row, and a
stone’s throw from the Honourable Artillery Company’s grounds just South of
Bunhill Fields, the setting was perfect for a battle. Hosting again was Pippa
and her trusty, regular quizmaster buddy, Scott, who declared no conflict of
interest existed with ‘aunty Pippa’.

Each team of five were handed various sheets of paper and
the questions covered a very difficult photo round, which involved not only
naming around twenty celebrities, but also identifying a link between them all
– what was the link between Christopher Walken and Topol? This was
accompanied by an anagram round of famous London pubs (which sounds easier than
it was!), a quick-fire City of London set and topped off with a sport section.
Needless to say the answer sheets were collected in while the teams made small
talk over the honey glazed sausages, beefy bagels, sweet potato bites and
homemade nachos (Trowers certainly puts on a spread!), oiled with more wine and
beer than you can shake a mace at.

Freemen and their guests were then called to settle as the
results were announced. Finger nails were bitten and the air was filled with
hope as the winners of this year’s Triviality Tankard were counted down. The
(ahem!) fifth place went to The Arthur Brain team, hosted by yours truly and
first place went to The Bombers (creatively chosen from a bottle of beer)
hosted by Court Assistant Shernaz Engineer.

Suffice to say that the lawyers hung their head in shame as
the Tankard changed hands for another year. I had a great evening with my
guests – it’s the taking part that counts – right?

By Court Assistant Neil Fullbrook

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