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Bathtub to Boardroom talks – Developing a Business Plan, Growth & Time Management

This is the 2nd year we are running our Guild’s Guide Talks with the Tub . On 24th January 2018 Rick Lowe delivered a talk on Developing a Business Plan, Growth & Time Management followed by a mentoring session on the 31st January.

Building on the learning from last year we now have a more focused agenda and a tighter group of budding entrepreneurs presented to us. The format was a bullet pointed presentation on the key deliverables on a Business Plan and logic and rationale for both the business owner and the investor. Growth centred around building the right team and also the development of the business owner – what to be aware of and how to approach. Time management – always a good one for any entrepreneur at any stage looked at how to manage a growing number of tasks and responsibilities, whilst motivating and guiding your team.

The presentation was followed by active Q&As, centring around the actual entrepreneur’s exiting challenges. Session 2 was  a one to one mentoring on each business digging deeper into the finer aspects of the business, where the entrepreneur prepared some back story and a list of specific questions so as to maximise the session. Overall the quality of the entrepreneurs was high from a broad background ranging from an event ticketing business to a refugee education charity

Rick Lowe

For details of our next sessions at Bathtub to Boardroom see our events page.

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