Bathtub 2 Boardroom Update

We began our first full Outreach mentoring programme for Bathtub 2 Boardroom in August with a discussion on “Strategic Direction and Planning”. Rick Lowe and I spoke on the subject, which was one close to our hearts, having orchestrated the programme over the previous months with the assistance of our Outreach & Education team. With a nod to the phrase every entrepreneur knows well combined with our own motto – “It always takes twice as long and costs twice as much, but with determination and passion you can dare to succeed” – we hoped to leave our aspirant audience with food for thought. Thankfully, when we returned the following week for individual mentoring sessions with the group, we received an equally enthusiastic reception together with great feedback from our first presentation.

The Bathtub 2 Boardroom Outreach Initiative is intended to give nascent entrepreneurs a toolkit to assist them on their journey to greatness. With many founders coming straight from school or university, some of the assumed knowledge us (ahem) older members may have can be a struggle for them. The Outreach & Education Committee have worked to design an interactive six week mentoring programme covering six key topics (including strategy, fundraising, marketing, team-building, legal and accounting). Freeman with particular experience in each area have then presented a short talk, which is followed up by individual mentoring sessions with attendees.


We have been extremely pleased that so many Guild members have come forward to participate in the programme and would like to thank Freeman Kate Jolly, Ronan Kearney, Nate Burke, Rachel Wang, together with Gemma Bignall, Sarah Malter and James Orloff for their assistance. We would also extend our thanks to Amy Walker, Paddy Willis and Freya Shelbourne who have worked with us at Bathtub enabling both parties to put this new programme in place. There is certainly a wealth of talent within our ranks!

Feedback from Bathtub 2 Boardroom and our own Freeman has been overwhelmingly positive and the Outreach & Education Committee intend to roll the programme out to other incubators over the coming months. Should you be interested in participating, please do get in touch with Freeman Rick Lowe or Pippa Watmough.

Written by Pippa Watmough.







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