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Ask the Entrepreneur Series – ‘Sales, Relationships and Growth’

May 29th 2018 saw Middle Warden Rick Lowe  appear in the lecture theatre at ( London Business School ) LBS to deliver the second workshop of the Guild’s Ask The Entrepreneur Series’.

Three nascent entrepreneurs from LBS shared the stage with Rick where he delved into his experiences and strategies for revolutionising the entrepreneur’s  approach to sales and also demonstrated how to build highly profitable relationships.

The entrepreneurs businesses were varied. One was from the medical profession – Medicspot, which aims to put GP services directly into local pharmacies. The second was called Taleng and centred around recruitment in the oil and gas industries. The third had a more philanthropic twist – called Ocean Bottle, it is a business that allows profits to be made from plastic collection.

The interaction onstage was lively and insightful, where Rick, by way of asking open questions, was able to focus the entrepreneurs’ minds on where exactly to place their efforts to grow their business, and in some cases, getting them to re think their sales approach.

With around 60 people along for the evening, the audience was a varied bunch of Freemen, entrepreneurs and students. For those who have attended the LBS events before, the hospitality is legendary and all involved retired for canapes and wine to finish of the evening, allowing for more networking and more sharing of ideas.

Thanks go to Jeff Skinner from LBS, along with Judy Hadden and Jame Talbot from the Guild’s Outreach team for organising.

Rick’s runs a Brand Licensing business, selling fashion apparel into the high street as well as online globally, working with some of the largest intellectual property holders such as Disney, Warner Brothers, and the Rolling Stones.