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03 – Dec : The Entrepreneurs’ Raleigh Lecture 2019 and Reception

The Guild of Entrepreneurs’ Raleigh Lecture 2019 will be held at Drapers’ Hall on the afternoon/evening of Tuesday 3rd December.

The 2019 Lecture builds on the format and success of the Raleigh 400 event held in December 2018. As well as exploring a contemporary topic in entrepreneurship, it also offers schools numerous A-level curriculum touchpoints in business studies and history.

The format will be:

  1. An afternoon orientation workshop pitched at A-level and directed by QMUL academics and Freemen Entrepreneurs.
  2. A short introduction by the Master Entrepreneur.
  3. The Lecture proper considering the “Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Entrepreneurship”
  4. A panel discussion chaired/moderated to discuss and develop questions from the participants.
  5. A concluding reception for all participants and guests.

Invitations to schools to participate will be circulated in September, together with a briefing pack. Invitations to the Masters, Prime Wardens and Upper Bailiff of the City Livery Companies will be issued in October.

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