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An Evening at the Trampery, Old Street

IMG_6871 -canapesA big thanks to everyone that braved the weather and transport chaos to join us and the folk at the Trampery, Old Street, for Februarys ‘Second Wednesday Informal Drinks’ with a fun and worthwhile twist.

The evening, a joint Outreach/Events Committee initiative, was arranged with the purpose of getting our Freemen out into the City, to raise the profile of our Guild and meet, talk with and wherever possible assist young (and not so young) entrepreneurs in the process.

It was particularly good to meet and hear some of the stories of the Trampery entrepreneurs, such as Ari (Nimber) and his idea for a community delivery platform, Essa & Tim (Esplorio) who have developed a new travel app and Fiona Disegni (Rentez-Vous) and her very exciting online platform for renting out high-end fashion. One theme that came across very strongly is that the City is viewed as the ‘it’ place for entrepreneurs, regardless of nationality or business type…all very exciting stuff.

And feedback from Emma from the Trampery is very positive – ‘the feedback from our members this morning is that they found it a really beneficial evening’ and ‘we shall definitely keep in touch to see how we can work together in the future’.

Trampery (resized)

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