A new world order post Covid

Whilst Master Entrepreneur, Peter Hewitt, now Immediate Past Master co-founded Universal Defence and Security Solutions Ltd (“UDSS”) with General Sir Richard Barrons, Commander Joint Forces Command from 2013-2016. Many will remember Sir Richard giving a deeply thoughtful keynote at our February 2019 Guild event. The report of which can be found here

The Global Strategy Forum was founded in 2006 to generate open debate and discussion on key foreign affairs, defence and international security issues. Sir Richard was recently invited to pen a fascinating essay for them entitled Beyond Shooting At Our Feet: UK Strategy For A Harder World, which considers both the UK’s preparedness for the effects of the pandemic and our immediate response.

He then takes an insightful look at how the world may be a much changed place as we emerge from it. Differences that will in his view manifest themselves in areas such as the UK’s security, economy and society.

The full version of Sir Richard’s article can be read by clicking here

The full version of Sir Richard's article can be read by clicking here
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