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4 Dec – Make an Impact 2019



If you are a Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs, then you’ll know you’ve been selected for having demonstrated the ability to start and run a successful business. The skills you acquired were undoubtedly through pain and gain and never have they been more in demand than today.

As a Guild, we are committed to transferring these skills in as many ways as possible so that future generations of entrepreneurs, can learn faster, avoid all the obvious mistakes and help build a next-generation economy, something we’ll all need in the current climate.

We see this almost as a responsibility of the Guild and as such we have built two fantastic resource centres in Outreach and Education.

On 4th December 2018 we are offering you the opportunity to get involved, to give back, make an impact in 2019. You will not only get to see the great work we do as a Guild and its importance to young entrepreneurs, but the Outreach & Education connections that we work are using the evening to pitch projects where they are looking for your help, advice and guidance in 2019 and to ask for your support.

We would urge all Freemen to come along to the evening and find a project of interest to align to, maybe you could mentor, give a talk, even get involved in the events themselves. There is no pressure, we are all volunteers, but this really is a case of getting out what you put in.

These initiatives simply will not happen without the support of Guild Freeman, so this is one occasion when you can come and lend your expertise to our efforts as a Guild in 2019 and make an impact yourself.

This event, including pizza and drinks, has most generously been sponsored by Freeman Stacey Body and We Work, the home for the entrepreneur.

Please register  here and help the Guild put on a great show. Looking forward to  seeing you you at Make an Impact 2019.


Date :- 4th December 2018

Time :- 6.00 – 8.30pm

Venue :- We Work, 8 Devonshire Square EC2M 4YF


Sponsored by :-