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30 – May : Beating of the Bounds

Until 2018, the Guild of Entrepreneurs was affiliated with the church of All Hallows’ by the Tower, and all Freemen and their guests will be made most welcome at the annual Ascension Day procession. The procession is led by pupils of St Dunstan’s College, and, during a walk of the ancient parish boundaries of All Hallows’ by the Tower with St. Dunstan’s in the East, the extremities of the parish (including the River Thames) are literally beaten with sticks.

The procession begins at 4pm accompanied by the robed officers of the Water Conservators, Bakers and World Traders, along the Doggett’s men of the Watermen & Lightermen’s Company.

Dress code: Smart, but weather-dependent.

Cost: None, but a collection is taken during evensong, which begins at 5.30pm.