3 Dec : Festive Fancy Hat Bingo !

Join us for festive bingo fun hosted by the hilarious Honest Rog

Grab your dibber and don your hat to settle in for an evening of fun along with our friends over at The Worshipful Company of Basket Makers. Hosted by the hilarious ‘Honest Rog’, you will enjoy an evening of online frivolity and relaxed chat while playing to win fictitious prizes worth absolutely nothing – other than a huge badge of honor and bragging rights for about 45 minutes (or however long you can wing it!).

The only criteria to join in is a willingness to let your hair down and have a good laugh and be prepared to join in some group singing – not solo. If you can’t sing don’t worry – nor can anybody else.

It is Bingo – but not as you know it.

Prizes include:

  • A world cruise
  • A daily wine tasting session for one year
  • A Lamborghini
  • A night at Windsor Castle
  • A meal for two at L’enclume Restaurant in Cumbria
  • A magnum of Dom Perignon.
  • Anything else you fancy

There is, however, a little catch: being a virtual game the prizes are also virtual,and will exist purely in the wistful mind of the winner, if there even is a winner. It is very probable that everyone will be a winner or, at the very least, a good loser.

All you’ll need to enjoy this event is:

  1. A grid which each person creates of 24 squares: four down, six across. In each square write one different random number from 1-75. You choose the numbers. This MUST be prepared before we start and takes about five minutes to do; and
  2. Either verbal clues, or items in their house which are visual clues to be held up to the camera, of a country of their choice. At given moments throughout the game we will have a go at guessing what countries have been chosen; and
  3. Pen and paper; and
  4. Lots of alcohol, if so desired.

Cost: Free

Dress code: Wear a hat 

Please register here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/festive-fancy-hat-bingo-tickets-127834379069