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Swinging in the City

swingers-golf-4_lrWe had a swinging start (apologies) to our recent crazy golf event on the evening of Tuesday 18th October with the glasses of fizz flowing, inevitably assisting with those tough loop-the-loops that were to be accomplished only shortly afterwards.

The event sold out very quickly – with Chiles Cartwright (our golf rep) extremely excited to hear how many keen golfers we had in our midst. Following welcome drinks and a brief introduction from Swingers Co-Founder, Matt, I channelled my best school-teacher/military operative to organise our teams onto the course. With tradition fighting technology, players made their way round with pads and pencils or using the special Swingers App (be careful downloading that one).

Participants efforts were rewarded with a selection of excellent street food provided by Swingers whilst we collected scores and stories. Scoring was sometimes inventive – but mostly accurate – and congratulations must go to Alex who led his team to victory and more fizz at the bar. Showing that there is a ME in team, Paul Dunne stormed ahead of his compatriots and won the individual round with a very impressive score of 25. Luckily, we aren’t a competitive bunch and Paul graciously shared his winnings over offers of a (friendly) rematch.

Thanks must go to Tom Simmonds for his organisational prowess and to David Mellor, James Talbot and Chiles Cartwright for their event assistance. An honourable mention swingers-golf-3lrshould also go to our Clerk who donned his best pseudo-Pringle plus fours combo, getting into the full spirit of the occasion to fight for Team Justincase. I shall leave the final words to Andrew Pullman, who summed up exactly what we hoped to achieve. Thanks to all our Freeman and guests who helped make it so.

“A great mix of fun, networking and an opportunity to get to know other Guild members. Always great to see a new entrepreneurial venture in action as well.”

Keep a look out for our next event!


Pippa Watmough – Events committee

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