11 – Oct : St Ethelburga’s Day Service

At 1.15pm, a service of Holy Communion will be held at the Guild’s Church of St Lawrence Jewry next Guildhall to commemorate the life, legacy and patronage of St. Ethelburga.

11th October is the feast day of the Guild’s Patron Saint, who was the 7th Century Abbess of Barking and the founder of a satellite convent in the City. Her life and witness to enterprise and the service of others is celebrated in the context of this Anglican service, but all Freemen (of any faith, and none) are very warmly encouraged to attend.

At the end of the service (which will last about 45 minutes), the Guild’s Hon. Chaplain, the Reverend Canon David Parrott, welcomes all Freemen and guests for some modest refreshments in church.

Time: 1.15pm

Dress code: come
as you are

Cost: None, but
donations are encouraged

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