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11 – Apr : The Appreciation Supper 2019

(c) James Mellor

An Event for all Freemen, Freemen-Elect and our Special Guests

The Guild of Entrepreneurs is privileged to hold a Ceremonial Court at Guildhall to admit new Freemen on April 11th at 7 pm, followed by the now legendary Appreciation Supper.

All existing Freemen, their guests, and guests of the Guild of Entrepreneurs are warmly encouraged to attend to support the Guild’s newest members and to book for supper in the Members’ Dining Room afterwards.

The Appreciation Supper will be of interest to all members of the Guild as an opportunity to practise some of the customs particular to City of London Guilds and Livery Companies in a cheerful and semi-formal setting. The supper consists of a two-course meal with wine, followed by port, coffee, and chocolates.

This light-hearted but richly-appointed affair – complete with Toasts, Sung Grace, Loving Cup and National Anthem – will be punctuated with guidance from the Officers and senior members, who will share their many years’ experience of City and Livery events. The emphasis will be on the history and traditions of the City, and the after-dinner speech will continue this theme.

The Appreciation Supper will be a cheerful and educational evening, which will help Freemen both new and old to understand the theory and practice of City traditions. The food and drink will be of Guildhall Club’s usual high quality and early booking is encouraged. Newer members of other City institutions will also be joining the Guild for this event.


Freemen Elect must contact the Clerk directly in order be admitted to the Freedom.

Dress Code : Business / Lounge Suit (or equivalent)

Court and Officers’ badges are to be worn.

Founder/Founding Member lapel badges and Members’ gold pins may be worn.

Please do wear your magnetic name badges on this occasion.

Timings and Arrivals

Please note that invitations pour memoire will not be issued for this event.


Guildhall, Members’ Dining Room

(West Wing)

Gresham Street



Entry to Guildhall is via the West Wing Reception.

A Ceremonial Court to admit new Freemen will begin promptly at 7pm, and all are very warmly invited to witness this. Please note that no entry to the Court Room will be possible during the Court itself, so please ensure you arrive in good time.

Drinks will be served at 7.30pm, accompanied by instruction and games

Supper will be served in the Members’ Dining Room (3rd Floor) at 8pm.

Carriages at 10.30pm.

Please book here 

Images are from the Appreciation Supper and are the property of the Guild of Entrepreneurs and (c) Jonathan Cherry