05-Jun: Admission of Freemen and Summer Banquet 2018

The Summer Banquet is the second of the two principal feasts of the Guild’s year, and will be held at the magnificent Vintners’ Hall in evening dress (white tie) on Tuesday 5th June 2018.

The Summer Banquet is preceded by a Ceremonial Court to admit new Freemen at 6.15pm (note that no entry to the Court Room is possible whilst the Admission is in progress).

A drinks reception is served from 6.45pm and dinner is served at 7.30pm.

The Summer Banquet is the glamour event of the Guild Year, at one of the finest Halls in the City, and posh frocks and tiaras abound. The Guild reflects on its work in educating and mentoring entrepreneurs, and guests can expect to see a strong showing from the Guild’s partners at the Defence Academy, as well as its affiliate schools, universities and incubators.

More details to follow.